The Birthday Party

I always imagine a world full of love and positive energy. All animals can live together with no matter what species they are or where they are from. It is the place that all animals will take care of each other like a big family. In this world they all are equal. Love for me is the connection between humans and nature. I would like to create a world that animal lives like a human. this project presents a place of joyfulness and fantasy which is inspired by my grandparent's birthday party and each character on the work are represent my family member's Chinese zodiac signs.


The work is shown on the transparent fabric and shows as two pieces of work layering to each other which can give the viewer a new perspective of watching tapestry. The tapestry will provide a variety of textile techniques such as embroidery, print and pattern, and embellishment to bring the fancy vibes into reality.

To me, art and design always come together. My project will be shown as installation art and could be appeared on the garment and another kind of product as a pattern design as well.

Materials & Technique